You should know these details before selecting EP conveyor belt type

1. When the twist coefficient of the material is increased, that is, the twist is increased. Like a steel wire wound into a spiral spring, the more turns, the lower the modulus, and the better the fatigue resistance. For EP fabric(EP ), increasing the twist of fine yarn, as well as improving the latitude and curl of EP fabric, is like making a steel wire bend like water ripples, making the steel wire like a spring, reducing the modulus of the material, making it Fatigue resistance is improved.

2. The higher the modulus of the material, the more it is necessary to reduce the modulus of the material and increase its fatigue resistance by increasing the twist.

3. The greater the amount of compression, the easier the material is to fatigue, and the greater the damage to the material caused by compression.

The carcass material in the multi-layer EP conveyor belt is subjected to the tensile force between almost all layers before passing through the conveyor pulley, only the amount of stretching is different; the EP fabric with low curl and high tensile modulus is on the conveyor pulley. If the amount of deformation of the EP fabric is not enough, the inner EP fabric can be compressed and wrinkled, and the inner EP fabric can no longer withstand the tensile force.

All the originally shared tensions are transferred to the outer layer, which causes the outer EP fabric to receive a greater tensile force, while the bottom layer is subjected to a large compression force under the pressure of the outer layer because the biggest force on the entire conveyor belt is where the conveyor belt contacts the power conveyor pulley.

The EP fabric is fully compressed, without sharing the load, the outer EP fabric must be torn, and the stress is greatly reduced as soon as it exits the conveyor pulley. Therefore, the lower the degree of curl in the tension and compression, the greater the degree of an alternation. This will seriously affect the service life of the EP conveyor belt