How to improve the impact resistance of EP conveyor belts

The conveyor belt with strong impact resistance suggests that you take the following measures:

1.When choosing the EP conveyor belt type, you can increase the thickness of the top rubber cover. The greater the thickness, the greater the impact resistance.

2.Improve the quality of both top and bottom cover. The impact resistance of 20 Mpa is stronger than that of 15 Mpa.

3.Increase the number of EP layers of the EP conveyor belt.

4.Strengthen the tension of each EP layer. According to the diameter of the conveyor pulley, EP200 or EP300 strength layer can be used appropriately.

5.Use conveyor belt with steel mesh or reinforced mesh, which is more impact resistant.

6.Reduce the height and inclination of the feed inlet to reduce the impact on the EP conveyor belt.

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