How to solve the abrasion problem of EP conveyor belts for mining

Mining EP conveyor belt wear will bring large economic losses to manufacturers. How to avoid conveyor belt wear is a topic that all manufacturers are concerned about. SUNGDA Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd. puts forward some suggestions to avoid conveyor belt wear.

(1)The whole conveyor must be kept on a center line from beginning to end to minimize the slope change point of the conveyor belt and make the distribution of the stress points as uniform as possible. This is the basic element to ensure the service life of the conveyor belt. Excessive installation deviation directly affects the normal operation of the conveyor. For example, problems such as uneven load on the conveyor belt, deflection, excessive traction resistance, and reduced load efficiency will cause abnormal wear on the conveyor belt and affect the life of the conveyor belt.

(2)The running speed of EP conveyor belt is consistent with the linear speed of the idler. When installing the bracket, make sure that the axis of the roller is perpendicular to the centerline of the conveyor belt. If it is not vertical, take measures to make it vertical.

(3) Try not to use self-aligning conveyor rollers. The self-aligning idler can prevent the belt from deviating to a certain extent, but it will increase the wear with the belt during the correction process. The larger the oblique angle, the greater the wear.

(4)The joints of heat-resistant EP conveyor belts for coal mines must ensure that the centerlines of the front and back sections coincide. The bonding method is preferably cold bonding, or vulcanization connection and plastic connection method. The thickness and strength of the joint overlap must meet the relevant technical standards.

(5) Do well in the maintenance and maintenance of the EP conveyor belt rollers. The rollers should be replaced in time to ensure that the rollers can rotate flexibly.

(6)Improve the system, and have a special person to inspect the conveyor during the operation of the conveyor. If there is a problem, deal with it in time to prevent material residue from entering the conveyor, which will cause the conveyor to wear or tear.

(7)The deviation of the conveyor belt should be adjusted in time to avoid the wear of the edges of the conveyor belt.

(8)The long-term advancement of the conveyor belt is moderate, subject to no slippage under heavy load.

The wear of the mining EP conveyor belt during operation is mainly related to the quality of the conveyor, the quality of the supporting rollers, and the quality of the conveyor belt joints. Reduce conveyor belt wear and extend the service life of EP conveyor belts. Not only do the above points, the quality and installation technology of conveyors and their accessories should comply with relevant technical standards, so as to avoid conveyor belt wear more comprehensively Happening.


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