What affects the service life of EP conveyor belts?

The EP conveyor belt is one of the most important transportation equipment in the mining industry. Large mining companies have large transportation systems, long transportation distances, and long operating hours. Reasonably determining and trying to extend the life of the conveyor belt can reduce waste and ensure safe production.

Factors affecting EP conveyor belt life:

(1) The quality of the conveyor belt and the quality of the joints.

The quality of the EP conveyor belt itself is the main factor that determines the service life of the conveyor belt. Factors affecting the manufacturing quality of conveyor belts include rubber raw materials, carcass materials, producing technical and manufacturing processes. For conveyor belt users, manufacturing quality is an uncontrollable factor. Only the quality of the joint is controllable.

(2) Deviation of the EP conveyor belt will cause wear on both sides of the belt body. In severe cases, it may tear or even break the conveyor belt.

(3)The tension strength of the tension device on the conveyor line is too light, oil or water is stuck, which causes the conveyor belt to slip, causes the flame-resistant conveyor belt to heat up and rubber cover peels off, and accelerates rubber aging. Excessive tension can accelerate fatigue of the belt structure.

(4)The non-rotation or poor rotation of the conveyor roller will cause the sliding friction between the conveyor belt and the conveyor roller to increase, thereby greatly reducing the life of the conveyor belt. The falling point of the mining block is too high, which will shock the impact roller and damage the EP conveyor belt.

(5) The spontaneous combustion and high temperature of the burning mining during transportation will cause bubbles and damage the EP conveyor belt, and the sharp parts or debris of the mining block will also damage the conveyor belt surface. Factors such as supporting equipment on other conveyor lines, such as roller cleaners and rubber covers of the hopper, will affect the service life of the conveyor belt too.