Why do 87.6% of users worldwide choose Chinese conveyor belt manufactures?

According to data provided by Global Market Insights Inc., by 2027, the market value of rubber conveyor belts will exceed $4.39 billion. Due to the continuous improvement of the global epidemic, the world economy has gradually turned from recovery to accelerated development, leading to increasing infrastructure development activities, such as mining, cement manufacturing, power generation, recycling, metal processing, etc., among which the mining industry has the greatest demand for conveyor belts, this will make the prospects of global conveyor belt manufacturers very bright.

Due to the limitation of production capacity and technology, in addition to purchasing conveyor belts from their own countries, many countries also need to import from overseas to make up for the demand gap caused by capacity and technology. So which country is the best choice to import conveyor belts? There is no doubt that it is China. Here are a few reasons for choosing Chinese conveyor belts:

1. Due to China’s vast geographic characteristics and huge economic volume, almost all of the world’s economic scope exists in China, from heavy industry to light industry, from mining to agriculture, etc., covering almost all types of conveyor belts in the world , such as EP conveyor belts, steel cord conveyor belts, heat-resistant conveyor belts, sidewall conveyor belts, chevron conveyor belts, etc., and has a wealth of production and use experience, so that the conveyor belt technology is very mature, customers can The manufacturer finds almost all the conveyor belts and accessories they need, which is very efficient.

2. Nearly one-third of China is in the subtropical zone, which is rich in rubber, and neighboring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries are rich in rubber, so the price of rubber raw materials is very low.

3. As the world’s advanced conveyor belt companies such as the world’s giants Conti-Tech, Goode year, etc. enter the Chinese market, they have also brought advanced production technology and management concepts. In recent years, China’s factory managers, technicians and workers have integrated high quality, more than 70% have received higher education and professional training, and the management of the factory is also very strict, so that every link of the conveyor belt production can be effectively supervised, which effectively guarantees the high quality of the conveyor belt.

4. There are about 5,000 large and small conveyor belt manufacturers in China, that lead to the competition is very fierce, resulting in very affordable and transparent prices. So don’t worry about spending too much money on conveyor belts from China, it is very affordable.

5. Due to China’s huge market and convenient transportation, the flow of talents on conveyor belts is very frequent. In this way, the technology and experience of conveyor belt manufacturing are also shared during the exchange of talents, and the government will arrange national conveyor belt technology exchange meetings and exhibitions every year, thus driving the progress of the entire conveyor belt industry.

6. The Chinese government has made a lot of export subsidies for rubber conveyor belts, such as increasing export tax rebates and tax reductions, so that companies can give more profits to customers, making the price of conveyor belts at a very economical level.

7. Most of the conveyor belt manufacturers in China are very close to the coastline. There are about 20 sea ports in China. The routes are busy and it is very convenient to reach all parts of the world. Due to the huge economic volume of China, the major shipping companies in the world There will be very favorable shipping rates in China.

8. The Chinese government implements a point system for the reputation of export companies. Once commercial disputes occur due to quality or integrity issues, export companies will suffer loss of points, resulting in fines, increased taxes, cancellation of export preferences, and even cancellation of exports in serious cases. Therefore, most of the conveyor belt export companies have very strict product quality control.

9. The Chinese have a gentle and stable personality, practical and hardworking, a strong sense of time, honesty and trustworthiness, so importing conveyor belts from China is an ideal choice.

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