Oil-resistant and Pipe conveying fields used by EP conveyor belts

  EP conveyor belts or polyester materials are used in different industries. The tension body of the polyester conveyor belt is the weft warp of the canvas and the polyamine polyester woven fabric. Due to the high initial modulus of polyester, these conveyor belts can be selected with a lower safety factor.

EP conveyor belt can maintain high strength in high humidity conditions, which is beneficial to conveying wet materials or working in wet conditions. We provide different types of EP conveyor belts, including tear-resistant and wear-resistant conveyor belts, ordinary conveyor belts, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts, heat-resistant conveyor belts, and tubular conveyor belts.

Features of pipe belt conveyor:

1) Realize closed transportation to prevent material overflow.

2) The pipeline conveyor belt is suitable for transportation curves (45°-90°) and inclined (30°) due to transportation.

Features of oil resistant conveyor belt:

 1) OR-300 grade has excellent oil resistance and can be used to transport treated coal and petroleum-based oil.

2) With excellent oil resistance performance grade OR-200 is a variety of animal oils and severe cold temperatures reach-45°C vegetable oil

3) OR-100 grade can resist moderate oil resistance, such as wood chips, flax, cottonseed meal and soybeans.

 4) HTN, etc. can transport hot asphalt with a temperature up to 175°C.

Oil resistant type Features:

 1. The belt has good elasticity, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.

 2. Good flexibility, easy to form grooves.

 3. No mildew occurs.

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