How to Increase the Service Life of EP Conveyor Belts by 30%?

With the rapid development of bulk material conveying equipment, EP conveyor belts have been widely used, but we always encounter various problems when storing and using EP conveyor belts. Once problems occur, they will affect the efficiency of the entire conveyor line. And reduce the service life of the conveyor belt, if you do the following points, it will greatly extend the service life of the EP conveyor belt to 30% or more.

1. In the use and maintenance of EP conveyor belts, care should be taken not to be washed by direct sunlight or rain and snow to prevent acid and alkali items from contacting them; EP conveyor belts should be placed in rolls during the storage process, and it is best not to fold them. It is advisable to open it and flip it every month;

The EP conveyor belt should be kept as low speed as possible during use; when misalignment occurs, it should be dealt with and corrected in time.

2. EP conveyor belt should avoid being torn by the collision of conveyor accessories during operation, this should be paid special attention to.

The relationship between the diameter of the conveyor pulley of the EP conveyor belt and the fabric layer of the EP conveyor belt, the matching of the driving pulley and the tail pulley, and the requirements for the roller troughing angle should be selected reasonably according to the design requirements of the conveyor.

3.The feeding direction should follow the running direction of the EP conveyor belt. In order to reduce the impact on the EP conveyor belt when the material falls, a chute should be used to reduce the material drop distance;

In the receiving section of the EP conveyor belt, the distance between the rollers should be shortened and the impact roller should be used for reducing the pressure of the belt body. The EP conveyor belt should adopt a soft and moderate baffle plate to prevent the baffle plate from being too hard and scratching the belt surface of the EP conveyor belt to prevent EP The conveyor belt load starts.

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