Common reasons for EP conveyor belt breakage

The conveyor has an unloaded part and an overloaded part, these two parts are easy to make the EP conveyor belt unevenly, resulting in a broken belt accident. However, there is more than one reason for the broken belt accident of EP conveyor belt. The main reasons for the broken belt accident are as follows:

1) The gear reducer is damaged; the fluid coupling is splashed or the motor is reversed.

2) The quality of the conveyor belt splicing. The splicing of EP conveyor belts are divided into mechanical splicing and vulcanized splicing. The quality of mechanical splicing is far lower than that of vulcanized splicing, so they are rarely used at present. Regarding vulcanization splicing, if the vulcanization temperature and vulcanization pressure are not controlled as required, the temperature and pressure will not be uniformly distributed on the vulcanization plate, the maintaining temperature and time pressure levels are set unreasonably, and the use of unreasonable materials will affect the vulcanization process. Affect the quality of vulcanized splicing.

3) During the transportation of EP conveyor belt, due to the influence of other factors, the transportation load suddenly increases. For example, large pieces of coal or other objects of very high mass are suddenly mixed into the coal being transported.

4) The pressure changes greatly when starting and stopping. Starting and stopping the EP conveyor belt can also cause the conveyor belt to break. Generally, it is best to start the conveyor belt without load.

5) The quality of the EP conveyor belt itself is not good enough, the EP conveyor belt has been used for too long, the conveyor belt is overloaded for a long time, and the daily maintenance is not in place.

6) Uneven material distribution and deviation of EP conveyor belt load.

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