Chevron/Pattern Rubber Conveyor Belt

Chevron Pattern Conveyor Belt
chevron pattern conveyor belt

Generally, the transportation angle of the flat conveyor belt is below 20°, otherwise the material will slide or roll off. The appearance of the chevron conveyor belt solves this problem very well, the chevron profile conveyor belt is also called pattern conveyor belt or cleat top conveyor belt. It refers to the pattern for the chevron conveyor belt, the function of the pattern is to prevent the material from sliding down and play the role of friction, the conveying angle of the chevron pattern conveyor belt is generally greater than 22 degrees, which can effectively help the materials to be lifted to the specified height, it is a patterned conveyor belt with a wide range of applications, and uses high-quality patterned conveyor belts in various industries.

1. Application:  Chevron conveyor belt is precisely suited for conveying bagged or bulky and loose materials on sloping surface at angles of less than 40°. It is applicable in many industrial applications including coal, minerals, ore and solid duty scrap metal. This anti-slip chevron conveyor belt has top cover & cleats are vulcanized integrally. The angle, pitch and pattern of cleat are designed elaborately.

The guide to choose cleat height of chevron belt according to material and angle:

2. Features:   
1. Sungda chevron patterns are moulded in one continuous vulcanised production process together with the base belt. This creates a integral, homogeneous belt structure that is far stronger than belts that have the chevron patterns attached separately.

2. Chevron molds are made of high-precision steel, which is beautiful and highly wear-resistant, and cleats and top cover rubber are vulcanized integrally;

3. Cleat pattern, angle and pitch are designed elaborately.

4.Chevron Patterns styles have:

“C” series: C5V/Multi V/C15/C17/C25/C32

“S”series: S15/S25

“Y”series: Y32

Special Type: Fish-bone/Multi “V”

The following are some commonly used chevron patterns, cleat size and corresponding conveyor belt width:

Our featured chevron belt is 3ply/4ply range of DIN grade C15 & C25 chevron cleat rubber conveyor belt: 3P450C15, 3P600C15, 3P650C15, 3P/4P750C15, 3P/4P800C15, 3P/4P900C15, 3P/4P1200C15, 3P/4P900C25, 3P900C25 & 3P1200C25 is produced in both a 15 mm or 25 mm high chevron V cleat in varying pitch centers and pattern width dependent on the actual belt widths, the applications of these type chevron type are grains, corn, barley, wheat, gravel, ground stone and sacks delivery.

The range of chevron V6, C6, C15 & C25 chevron belts are suitable for over roller incline conveying applications and in particular mobile road scalpers, cold planers & crushers, spreaders, batching plants & tub grinders. Our cleat rubber conveyor belt is manufactured with an EP (polyester/nylon) carcass that provides high strength, low stretch, excellent trough ability & good impact resistance.

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