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All conveyor belts follow several internationally accepted rubber covering grade systems, most countries follow the German DIN22102 grade standard, of course, there are also regional grade standards, for example, most American countries are used to follow the American RMA grade standard, then what is the difference between these two standards?

RMA is the abbreviation of “Rubber Manufacturers Association”in United States, it has established two standard grades of rubber conveyor belt cover: RMA-I and RMA-II, the RMA-I (17Mpa) grade meets the higher requirements of rubber stretch and elongation, and usually shows higher cutting and scratch resistance than the RMA-II (14Mpa).

ARPM (Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers), a successor of RMA. Published their conveyor belt handbook in 2011, determining grade 1 with tensile strength of 17 MPa, elongation at break of 400 % and volume loss of 125 mm³, and grade 1 with tensile strength of 14 MPa, elongation at break of 400 % and volume loss of 175 mm³, This means that the standards established by ARPM have higher requirements for abrasion rate.

The DIN standard was established by the “German Institute for Standardization”, the letter “DIN” stands for “Deutsches Institut für Normung”, they formulate specifications and standards as a service to the German industry. They are a highly respected non-profit organization, it has been based in Berlin since 1917, many DIN standards have been converted to EN or even ISO standards. In Europe and many parts of the world, DIN standards are more generally recognized and accepted, especially in the case of abrasion resistant conveyor belt.

The main difference between the two standards is reflected in three technical parameters for rubber cover, namely, the Tensile Strength, the Elongation at Break and the Abrasion Loss.

Abrasion Loss (mm³)max. 150max. 200max. 90max. 250max. 150max. 120
Tensile strength (Mpa)min.  17min.  14min. 18min.  15min.  20min.  25
Elongation at break (%)min. 400min. 400min. 400min. 350min. 400min. 450

The following table is currently the main internationally popular conveyor belt implementation standards:

Cover GradeCountryApplicable StandardsMin.Tensile
at Break(%)
ISO-LInternationalISO -1024715350200
ISO-HInternationalISO -1024724450120
ISO-DInternationalISO -1024718400100
AS-NAustralianAS -133217400200
AS-MAustralianAS -133224450125
AS-AAustralianAS -13321740070
SANS-NSouth AfricaSANS-117317400150
SANS-MSouth AfricaSANS-117325450120
SANS-ASouth AfricaSANS-11731840070
IS-N-17IndiaIS 189117400200
IS-M-24IndiaIS 189124450150
JIS-GJapanJIS-K 633214400250
JIS-LJapanJIS-K 633215350200
JIS-DJapanJIS-K 633218400100
JIS-HJapanJIS-K 633224450120
GB-HChinaGB/T 798424450120
GB-DChinaGB/T 798418400100
GB-LChinaGB/T 798415350200

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