Three type of high-inclined belt conveyors

The conveying angle of ordinary belt conveyors is generally less than 20 °. In order to meet the requirements of conveying materials at different inclined angles, different types of large inclined conveyors are needed. Here are some common high-inclined belt conveyors. At present, common high-inclined belt conveyors include sidewall side belt conveyors, pressure belt conveyors, patterned belt conveyors, and deep groove (round pipe) belt conveyors. now SUNGDA rubber Co., Ltd. introduces the characteristics of the above four types of conveyors.

1.Sidewall belt conveyor:
    The main difference between the sidewall flange belt conveyor and the ordinary belt conveyor is that the base belt of the sidewall flange belt is constructed by traction, and the carrying structure is constructed by the transverse partition and the rib on the conveyor belt, which has a large conveying capacity.
    Features are as follows:
    (1) The conveying angle is large, and the material can be conveyed at a vertical angle.

    (2) Universal with common conveyor accessories, large conveying capacity.

    (3) High transportation efficiency, stable operation, high reliability, and vertical conveyor characteristics of bucket elevator.

    (4) Large conveying capacity and stable operation.

    2. Patterned belt conveyor
    The working principle of the patterned belt conveyor is the same as that of the ordinary belt conveyor. It mainly depends on the pattern on the surface of the patterned belt to increase the friction between the belt and the material and increase the coefficient of friction to achieve the material conveyance with a large inclination.

   3. Pipe belt conveyor
    The pipe conveyor belt uses a supporting roller group to support the belt as a U-shaped or round pipe type. The working principle is the same as that of an ordinary belt conveyor, and it can be used in common with an ordinary belt conveyor.

    Features are as follows:
    (1) The conveyor belt is rolled into a round pipe type or a deep trough type, which can realize the curved and curved transportation tasks in vertical and horizontal turning spaces.
    (2) The bulk material can be conveyed in a sealed manner, and it will not spill or leak during the conveyance process, thereby achieving pollution-free transportation.
    (3) It will not deviate. The structural principle determines that the round pipe type conveyor belt will not cause deviation, and it can twist the conveyor belt to a certain extent.
    (4) Material can be conveyed at a certain inclined angle, and the inclined angle can generally reach 30 °

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