How to Loading and storage of sidewall conveyor belt

Sidewall conveyor belts should be stored in a dry place away from direct heat and humidity. Long-term severe temperature changes can adversely affect the conveyor belt. The ideal storage environment is between 10-21 ° C. Long-term exposure to a temperature of ≤5 ° C will harden or cure the conveyor belt. Do not place the sidewall conveyor belt on its side or store the belt edge on the ground. The storage of the edge sidewall should make the sidewall be stored side by side, and the packaging disc should be used between each layer. Large log size = 3 times the rib height, small log size = 2 times the rib height. 90mm * 90mm square wood is used to connect each packaging log tray. The length of the square log of the large package = the effective length of the partition + 2 * the width of the skirt bottom + 30mm, and the length of the small package disk = the effective length of the partition. .

Loading and unloading of sidewall conveyor belt

Sidewall belt should be packed in a frame to ensure that the belt body is not damaged during transportation. When unloading the edge band, you should operate as shown in the figure below to prevent damage to the belt body. Under any conditions, please do not use a steel wire rope or cable to directly remove the belt from the packaging or hoist it to the conveyor.

One steel wire rope (φ12mm or more, 5m-6m in length), one round supporting roller (φ400-φ500 length greater than 200mm in width) for lifting.

1. Place the roller in the bottom of the belt;

2. Pass the steel wire rope from the center of the roller and hang it on the hook, and it must be uniform and stable when lifting or placing;

3. Adjust the wide parts on both sides of the roller and the steel wire rope to balance the two sides and prevent the side from being hoisted during lifting;

4. When lifting and shipping or loading the iron shelf, the length must be measured every time, and it must be in place at one time. When unloading the truck or lifting the sidewall from the iron shelf, the above method is also required.

Lifting precautions

1. The diameter of the roller must meet the requirements to prevent the sidewall from being overstressed and damaged;

2. It is forbidden to directly use the wire rope to hoist the sidewall conveyor belt, otherwise the sidewall conveyor belt may be suspended;

3. When lifting large sidewall, you must add a protective round roller (φ200 length is greater than 200mm bandwidth), use the same specifications of steel wire rope, require both rollers to be stressed to prevent excessive stress due to the steel wire rope Rupture, causing personal or equipment damage.


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