Brief Analysis of Several Cases of Damage Treatment of Conveyor Cover Rubber

There are mainly the following situations for the damage treatment of the conveyor belt cover rubber:

(1) Partial degumming, forming small pits. Mostly it is caused by the large amount of rocks and large pieces of raw coal in the underground. The height of the material guide groove is too high, and the impact force is large. The feeding device should be corrected, a buffer device should be added, the feeding height should be reduced, or the slope of the chute should be reduced. The above-mentioned damage can be repaired by vulcanization, or cold sticking downhole.

(2) Longitudinal cracks. Mostly below the guide plate. The reason is that the installation is not good or the material guide is stuck. It should be reinstalled so that the wooden board or iron plate does not contact the surface of the conveyor belt; or the supporting roller is damaged; or the tail baffle is damaged; or the metal buckle at the joint of the conveyor belt is damaged to tear the conveyor belt; or the return roller The lugs are damaged and the upper rubber layer is damaged; or the flat iron angle of the cleaner damages the conveyor belt. The treatment method should replace the damaged conveyor belt: carefully check the whole length for damaged parts, and replace the damaged parts.

(3) The lower surface of the rubber layer wears heavily. Mostly, there are materials, foreign objects in the empty section belt or the cleaner does not work, or the lower idler is damaged or does not rotate; or there is too much material adhering to the roller, such as underground coal or rock falling in the empty section On the conveyor belt. The drum should be cleaned regularly and a scraper cleaner should be installed

(4) There are transverse cracks on the conveyor belt. The reason is that the conveyor belt has insufficient tension or rubber aging. In addition to replacing the conveyor belt with many layers, the repair method can reduce the tension.

(5) There are pockmarks on the conveyor belt.

(6) The side rubber is worn out greatly. Mostly caused by the running edge of the conveyor belt; the roller damage ring or the ears and the frame are worn, or the unloader is not installed well, which will also wear the edge glue.

(7) Conveyed with wrinkles. The reason is that the roller slips badly, and sometimes burnt smell comes out. If you notice a slip, you should stop and check. Increase initial tension. Or spread rosin powder on the drive roller during operation.

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