How to identify the quality of the EP conveyor belt in one minute?

Because EP conveyor belt has excellent abrasion resistance and can be used for heavy-duty and long-distance conveying work, many Mining companies will purchase EP conveyor belts to transport bulk materials. However, If you want to use high-quality EP conveyor belts, you must understand not only the service of EP conveyor belts when purchasing but also some simple quality identification methods, so that you can ensure that the quality meets the requirements when you purchase. EP conveyor belt to ensure that no material accidents occur due to quality problems during conveying. The following four aspects can help you accurately identify the quality of the EP conveyor belt:

1.Identification by the appearance of the conveyor belt

To understand whether the quality of the EP conveyor belt is reliable, you can first observe the appearance of the EP conveyor belt. Generally, a high-quality conveyor belt has a smooth and flat surface, and there are no scar, grooves, and air bubbles, only such a conveyor belt can ensure that the transportation resistance is reduced in the process of material transportation, and the material transportation process is smoother.

2.Check its elasticity by finger pressure

High-quality EP conveyor belts have good elasticity. Therefore, if you want to know how the quality of the conveyor belt is, you can also pinch the surface of the conveyor belt firmly. The high-quality EP conveyor belt has a high natural rubber content, so It won’t break, and the pinch marks will gradually disappear within three to five seconds.

3. Identify quality by smell

The main material of the EP conveyor belt is polyester, and polyester is a high molecular compound. Although this material emits some slight odors, these odors do not have substances that cause toxic and side effects on the human body, so they smell and Do not make people feel pungent. Therefore, you can judge the quality of EP  conveyor belts through the smell of the text.

4.through the EP layer to identify belt quality

Under normal circumstances, the high quality of the layer of the EP conveyor belt is required. If the thickness of the EP layer and skim rubber is uniform, there is no thinness. One case, and smooth and complete without fractures and other defects.