How to effectively improve the efficiency of the conveyor belt

1. Effective selection of conveyor belts:

The selection of conveyor belts must take into account various factors, mainly:

①. The relevant regulations of the conveyor on the conveyor belt;

②Regulations on geomorphic natural environment standards and safety level;

③Types, shapes and characteristics of raw materials to be transported, stipulating a larger conveying bandwidth, supporting force during work, and transport capacity;

④Minimum diameter of the conveyor roller; groove formation and lateral bending stiffness;

⑤Load supporting point; distance between curve section and conveyor belt connection section; tightening method and transportation arrangement,

⑥The receiving point and receiving standard, and the operating cycle time of the conveyor belt;

⑦ Regulations on impact resistance and resilience level, connector standards, etc.

2. Reduce the damage to the conveyor belt by the accessories of the conveyor:

the basis of the various components of the conveyor is the standardized machinery and equipment. When ordering, you must choose the products of the professional manufacturer of belt conveyor manufacturers, and have a good reputation in the production of belt conveyors. The manufacturer can ensure the precision and quality of each component. The installation of each component shall be carried out in accordance with the current standard transportation machinery equipment installation specifications and engineering acceptance technical specifications. The components that are very likely to cause damage to the conveyor belt (such as side skirts, scrapers, various mining machines, etc.) should be adjusted during installation to reduce damage to the conveyor belt. Pay more attention to inspections when the conveyor line is running.

3. The improvement of the structure of the feeding equipment:

The daily task of the feeding equipment is to ensure that the raw materials are loaded on the belt conveyor. The service life of the conveyor belt is very much related to the structure of the feeding equipment. The design plan for the structure of the feeding equipment has the following provisions:

①When loading raw materials on the belt conveyor, the speed and orientation of the raw materials should be close to the operating speed and orientation of the conveyor belt;

②The raw materials must be installed on the conveyor belt management center, and the raw materials are not allowed to fall outside the belt conveyor;

③When transporting bulk raw materials, minimize the impact of raw materials on the conveyor belt and minimize the feeding aspect ratio;

④The feeding amount is adjustable to maintain excellent working ability; to maintain continuous feeding to ensure continuous material flow on the belt conveyor.

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