How to increase the service life of rubber conveyor belts

Friends who use conveyor belts all know that the raw material of conveyor belts is rubber, and the aging of rubber is the aging of rubber and its products. The factors that cause rubber aging have the following four aspects.

  1. Oxygen, oxygen reacts with the rubber molecules in the free radical chain reaction in the rubber, and the molecular chain is broken or excessively cross-linked, which causes the change of the rubber properties. The role of oxygen is one of the important reasons for rubber aging.
  2. Heat, increasing the temperature reaction, thereby accelerating the oxidation reaction rate of rubber, which is a common aging phenomenon. In addition, it is easy to cause superoxide cracking under the action of stress.
  3. Moisture, the effect of moisture has two aspects: rubber is wet, which is caused by the water-soluble properties of rubber and the ingredients such as water gluten. Especially under the alternating action of water immersion and atmospheric exposure, the destruction of rubber will be accelerated. But in some cases, moisture does not damage the rubber, and even has the effect of delaying aging.
  4. Light, the shorter the light wave, the greater the energy. The damage to the rubber is the ultraviolet rays with higher energy. In addition to directly causing the rupture and cross-linking of the rubber molecular chain, ultraviolet rays generate free radicals due to the absorption of light energy, which initiates and accelerates the oxidation chain reaction process. Ultraviolet light acts as heating.

To improve the service life of the conveyor belt, the following should be done:

  1. The idler is generally used in the ambient temperature range of +40 ℃ to -10 ℃. For the occasions with dustproof, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion requirements and when the conveyor belt is conveyed reversibly, additional measures should be taken. Avoid the idler being covered by the material, causing the rotation to be ineffective, preventing the material from being stuck between the roller and the conveyor belt, pay attention to the lubrication of the moving parts of the conveyor belt, but do not contaminate the conveyor belt;
  2. Prevent conveyor belt load from starting;
  3. If the conveyor belt deviates, measures should be taken to correct it in time;
  4. When it is found that the conveyor belt is partially damaged, it should be repaired in time to prevent the damage from expanding;
  5. Prevent the conveyor belt from being blocked by racks, pillars or block materials, and prevent the conveyor belt from breaking and tearing
The rubber profile ready for package

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