The introduction of drive pulley.

The drive drum is the main component that transmits power. In order to transmit the necessary traction, there must be sufficient friction between the belt and the drum. According to the theory of friction transmission, when designing or selecting the driving device, the method of increasing the friction between the conveyor belt and the driving drum and the wrapping angle can be used to ensure the necessary traction. When driving with a single drum; the wrap angle can reach 180°-240°; when the double drum drive is used, the wrap angle is about 360°-480°. The double drum drive can greatly improve the traction of the conveyor, so it is often used, especially when the transport length is relatively long, generally using a double drum drive.

The surface of the drive pulley has two types of smooth surfaces and rubber surfaces. The purpose of the rubber surface is to increase the coefficient of friction between the drive pulley and the conveyor belt and to reduce the wear of the roller. When the power is not large, the ambient humidity is small, the smooth roller can be selected; when the environment is humid, the power is large, and it is easy to slip, the rubber pulley should be selected as the drive pulley.