How to store conveyor belt?

Conveyor belts and spare conveyor belts in large projects may or may be stored for months or even years, so storage conditions directly affect the performance of the conveyor belt, good storage conditions, can avoid the impact of various unfavorable factors on the conveyor belt.
Precautions for storage of conveyor belts:
b. The conveyor belt is stored in a dry and dark place. The ideal storage temperature is 10 °C to 20 °C and should be avoided below 5°C and above 35 °C storage.
c. When stored in the open air, cover it with a rain cover or similar cover. And raise the ground to prevent the conveyor belt from being affected (especially cotton fabric core conveyor belts).
d. The conveyor belt should not be exposed to direct sunlight. When storing, it is necessary to prevent ultraviolet rays and X-ray radiation. Do not store in the storage area.
Engaged in electric welding operations and various radioactive activities.
e. It can be stored or used in places where oil, gasoline, paint, acids, and chemicals are used.
f. Do not touch or be close to objects with ozone and various strong oxidizing properties.
g. It is best to put the pad on the storage and put it on the safety blockage to prevent accidental rolling. It cannot be placed vertically to prevent skewing.
h. If stored for a long time, it should be periodically turned over to prevent the internal pressure from continuously acting on the same place.

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