How to Choose an Economical and Suitable Belt Conveyor?

In today’s bulk material transportation industry, conveyors are widely used. The belt conveyor can be selected according to the requirements of the process, and various control methods such as ordinary continuous operation, continuous cycle operation, variable speed operation, etc.; belt conveyors should also be selected in line with curves, straight lines and slopes according to local conditions. As belt conveyors play a transitional role in various industries, they are also the most important auxiliary equipment in belt conveyors. Therefore, how to choose the belt conveyor correctly is also very important for the production enterprise.

When we select a belt conveyor, we must first determine the material of the belt conveyor, the technical parameters of the bandwidth and many other factors according to the industry it is applied to. For example, the rubber conveyor belt is suitable for the working environment temperature between 15 degrees and 40 degrees, and the material temperature does not exceed 50 degrees. Plastic conveyor belts have the advantages of resistance to oil, acid, alkali, etc., but they have poor adaptability to climate, and are prone to slippage and aging. Secondly, we must correctly choose the belt speed of the belt conveyor. For longer horizontal conveyors, higher belt speeds should be the first choice; the greater the inclination of the conveyor, the shorter the conveying distance of the body, and the lower the speed of the conveyor belt.

When the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor is wider, the conveying capacity will be larger, and a higher belt speed should be selected; materials that are easy to roll, large in size, strong in abrasiveness, easy to dust, and high environmental sanitation requirements are very suitable for selection. Low belt speed; when the unloading truck is used, the belt conveyor belt speed is generally not suitable to exceed 2.5 meters per second. When conveying fine materials or small pieces of materials, the belt conveyor belt speed is allowed to reach 3.12 meters per second ; For feeding or conveying materials with the largest amount of dust, the speed of the belt conveyor belt can be 0.81 meters per second, which can also be determined according to the characteristics of the conveyed materials and process requirements.

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