What is the reason for the excessive noise of the belt conveyor?

When the conveyor is running, its driving device, driving pulleys, tail pulleys, and conveyor idlers will emit abnormal noises. Equipment failures can be judged based on the abnormal noises.
(1) Noise when the roller is seriously eccentric.
When the conveying conveyor is running, the idler rollers often produce abnormal noise, accompanied by periodic vibration. Especially the return idler, due to its large length, heavy weight and high noise. There are two main causes of noise. One is that the wall thickness of the idler seamless steel pipe is uneven and the centrifugal force is large. The second is that the center of the bearing holes at both ends deviates greatly from the center of the outer circle, and the centrifugal force is too large. If the bearing is not damaged and noise is allowed, it can continue to be used.
(2) Noise when the two shafts of the coupling are not concentric.
The abnormal noise from the coupling between the motor and the reducer at the high-speed end of the drive device or the coupling with brake wheels is also accompanied by vibration at the same rotational frequency as the motor. When this noise occurs, the position of the conveyor motor reducer should be adjusted in time to avoid breaking the input shaft of the reducer.
(3) Abnormal noise of tail pulley and driving pulley.
The tail pulley and drive pulley make very little noise during normal operation. The abnormal noise of the conveyor is usually due to damaged bearings and rattles from the bearing seat. Replace the bearings at this time.

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