How the conveyor belt is fireproof and anti-static

     Most of the conveyor belts are made of rubber and nylon materials, so the conveyor belts are easy to catch fire when encountering open flames. Fire prevention and anti-static measures must be taken during use. The following conveyor belt manufacturers analyze the fire and anti-static measures for conveyor belts for everyone.

     1. Flame-resistant conveyor belts are used in mines. The flame resistance and antistatic properties of the non-metallic material parts of the conveyor belt roller and the rubber material of the rubber-coated roller must meet the relevant regulations.

     2. The main roadways and shafts are equipped with special cables for lighting.

     3. The drive roller must be equipped with anti-skid protection, coal piling protection and anti-deflection devices. It can automatically stop running when the belt slips, unloads the coal pile, and the belt runs off the track.

     4. Install a carbon monoxide sensor and a smoke sensor at about 10-15m on the leeward side of the driving drum and the driven drum, and set up automatic sprinklers at regular intervals along the conveyor. If the sensor detects the high temperature or smoke generated by the conveyor belt, it will automatically open the water spray valve and automatically sprinkle water on the conveyor belt to extinguish the fire.

    5. The conveyor belt of the main inclined shaft should be equipped with the following devices and facilities:

    ① Conveyor tension drop protection device and anti-tear device;

    ②Install guardrails at the head and tail of the machine, so that the prevention and control personnel are in contact with the driving pulley and the tail pulley;

    ③In order to prevent the load of the conveyor from reversing, an anti-reversal device and a braking device are installed.

    ④In order to overload the conveyor belt to protect the electrical equipment, add a fluid coupling for protection, and the fluid coupling transmission medium must use a flame-resistant liquid.

    6. Pedestrians are strictly prohibited from crossing the conveyor belt. When cleaning the floating coal on the other side of the conveyor belt, a bridge crossing the conveyor is required.

7. Conveyor belt drive adopts reducer drive, and start adopts frequency conversion start.

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