Rubber conveyor belt specific type classification.

The conveyor belt is a rubber product which is made of a plurality of hanging rubber canvases bonded together or with other skeleton materials as a core, and is covered with a rubber layer and vulcanized by molding. He is the main component of the belt conveyor and acts as a carrier. It is suitable for conveying block, granular, powdery materials and finished articles. According to the structure and shape, the conveyor belt is divided into a layered fabric core conveyor belt, a corrugated rib conveyor belt, and an endless conveyor belt.

According to the performance, the conveyor belt is divided into heat-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, cold-resistant and other types.

Layered fabric core conveyor belt

Corrugated (Sidewall) conveyor belt

Pattern conveyor belt(chevron type)

Endless conveyor belt

Nylon (NN) canvas conveyor belt

Heat resistant conveyor belt

High-temperature resistant conveyor belt

Abrasion-resistant conveyor belt

Food grade conveyor belt(white color)

Steel cord conveyor belt

Carcass layer type:

Cotton canvas: CC56 TC70

NN nylon: NN100 NN125 NN150 NN200 NN250 NN300 NN350 NN400

EP polyester: EP100 EP125 EP150 EP200 EP250 EP300 EP350 EP400

Steel cord: ST630 ST800 ST1000 ST1250 ST1400 ST1600 ST1800 ST2000 ST2500 ST2800 ST3150 ST4000 ST4500

Cover rubber type:

Heat resistance, high-temperature resistance, Fire resistant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, Corrugated(sidewall), pattern, etc.

Width in: 300mm-3000mm Width The number of layers can be customized.