What are the daily maintenance measures for steel cord conveyor belts?

      Conveyor belts are important short-distance conveyor belt equipment in industrial production, and they are widely used. With the development of conveyor belt industry technology, conveyor belts with various characteristics have been produced and applied. Therefore, in the process of using the conveyor belt, daily maintenance measures must be taken to ensure the efficiency of the production line and the service life of the conveyor belt itself. The following conveyor belt manufacturers will take you to learn more about the daily maintenance measures of steel cord conveyor belts.

     1. According to the operating conditions of the conveyor belt, adjust the relevant machinery and equipment appropriately. Avoid the misalignment of the direction of the steel cord conveyor belt, which will increase the damage to the edge of the conveyor belt and destroy the upper, lower, left, and right covering glues, resulting in the exposure of the galvanized steel cord.

     2. Regularly remove the appendages on the surface of the transmission drum to avoid the direction of the steel cord conveyor belt or the uneven design of the drum rubber lagging, resulting in uneven connector support, causing bulging, drawing out the galvanized steel cord, and stretching the vulcanized rubber connector. The condition of compressive strength appears.

     3. The vulcanized rubber connector is the weak part of the foundation of the compressive strength of the steel cord conveyor belt. The crack of the connector is mainly manifested by the cracking of the adhesive. Water and gas penetrate the galvanized steel cord according to the gap of the core glue, causing the galvanized steel cord to rust. Broken wire, pull out, etc. It is necessary to regularly maintain the expansion and transformation of the connector, and abnormal changes in the surface. During the protective inspection work, the defective vulcanized rubber connector should be repaired immediately.

    4. If the side rubber or covering rubber of the steel cord conveyor belt falls off, and some of the galvanized steel cord is exposed, cold bonding or hot repair of vulcanized rubber should be carried out immediately. According to the damage of the steel cord conveyor belt, choose different repair methods such as cold repair, hot vulcanized rubber, and add galvanized steel cord to keep the surface of the conveyor belt intact.

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