How to replace the rubber conveyor belt correctly?

Belt conveyors play a very important role in today’s era of rapid development. The industries involved basically cover all walks of life, including food and light industry, logistics transportation, chemical medicine, tobacco, etc., but conveyor belts cannot be used as belt conveyors. One of the missing important conveying accessories needs to be replaced frequently. Some equipment is more convenient to replace, but some are more troublesome. The equipment is integrated and cannot be disassembled. So when we choose the conveyor belt, we must purchase the opening according to the actual situation of the equipment. The conveyor belt is still an endless belt.

Belt conveyor belt replacement method/step

1. Turn off all power supplies of the belt conveyor, remove the protective cover, loosen the assembly bolts of the motor, and then move the motor to make the conveyor belt slack, which is convenient for removing the damaged conveyor belt.

2. If the conveyor belt of the removed belt conveyor has abnormal wear, it means that there is a problem with the transmission device, and then select a suitable conveyor belt to prepare for replacement.

3. Check the belt conveyor’s anti-misalignment, transmission protection and other protection devices. If there is misalignment, wear, etc., it should be adjusted and repaired immediately.

4. Install the conveyor on the belt pulley, then adjust the center distance of the transmission device first, use a tension measuring instrument to test the conveyor belt until the appropriate tension; then tighten all the bolts of the motor, if it is tightened, it may cause the belt conveyor The performance is poor.

5. After the replacement is completed, run the belt conveyor to check the situation after the replacement. If there is noise or vibration, shut it down immediately and check the motor and bearings.