What is the principle of the brake system of the belt conveyor?-SUNGDA Conveyor Belt

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Belt conveyor is an important conveying equipment produced in various industries. It has reliable and stable performance and is of great significance for protecting mines in normal, safe and efficient production.

At present, the commonly used brake systems include mechanical brake braking, electric dynamic braking, hydraulic braking, and hydraulic braking. The electric braking performance is relatively stable, but the braking system cannot work when the power is suddenly turned off; the hydraulic braking is not only complicated, but also the braking torque can be rapidly reduced at low speed, and the mechanical brake block is still needed. Dry friction braking is carried out; for mechanical brake braking, the use of hydraulic brakes is becoming more and more urgent because of the spark and burning phenomenon that causes damage to mine safety.

Principle of the brake system of the belt conveyor

With the wide application of long-distance, large-capacity, high-powered lower belt conveyors, the perfect function and performance of the brake device directly affect the safe and reliable operation of the lower belt conveyor. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The braking torque is controllable;

Reliable braking with power failure;

With full brake function;

It has a zero-speed hold function for heavy-duty starting brake torque;

Realize multi-machine braking torque balance;

Easy to achieve underground explosion protection requirements;

Try to save energy.

During the belt conveyor braking process, the brake device must not only overcome the load moment but also continuously absorb the heat generated by the braking process. If the brake deceleration is taken small, the braking torque of the braking device can be small, but at this time, the braking power of the braking device is required to be large, and the heat capacity of the braking device is required to be large. For this reason, in the field use, the braking torque of the brake device is too long due to improper setting, and a large amount of heat is generated so that the temperature rise of the brake device is too high.  Therefore, in general, for the high-power lower belt conveyor, the controllable moving device should be used, and the braking device is required to have a large heat capacity and good heat dissipation conditions.

In addition, for the braking technology of the high-power, long-distance belt conveyor, direct mechanical brakes may cause problems such as rolling, slipping, flying, and sparking. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal shutdown and emergency shutdown needs, to avoid accidents, it is also required to use a controllable moving device for the high-power, long-distance lower belt conveyor.