What are the factors that cause appearance defects such as scare in heat-resistant conveyor belts?

Some heat-resistant conveyor belts will have an obvious scare during the production process. This is because the surface of the cover rubber is slightly concave and the scare is the most common appearance defect of the heat-resistant conveyor belt, so why the heat-resistant conveyor belt will appear scared. What about the appearance defects? Sungda conveyor belt manufacturers explain the reasons as below:

  1. The plasticity of the rubber is too small to be poor in fluidity. If the compounding of the rubber compound is unreasonable, especially if the softener is used improperly, the plasticity is small and the fluidity is poor, which may cause alum.

Solution: Reasonably use the softener and plasticizer dosage, strictly control the plasticity of the rubber compound and the uniformity of the rubber compound, so that the rubber compound meets the process requirements.

  1. When the flat vulcanizing machine is closed, if the vulcanization speed of the rubber is too fast, the rubber has not been completely flattened, the rubber compound has been vulcanized, and the place that is not filled is scared.

Solution: Properly control the vulcanization rate of the rubber compound. For ethylene-propylene rubber, the heat-resistant cover rubber vulcanization rate is very slow, and the cross-linking agent of the neoprene rubber is zinc oxide and magnesium oxide. Deterioration, insufficient activity, poor anti-focal performance, often too fast sulfur speed, so controlling the quality of magnesium oxide is the key to solve this problem. The rubber is too plastic or too viscous, causing gas in the vulcanization.

  1. If the viscosity of the rubber compound is too large when the flat vulcanizing machine is combined with the film, the extrusion does not easily discharge the air, and the air will often cause a scare. Therefore, the plasticity of the cover rubber should not be too large. Generally, the operation above 0.4 is not ideal, especially the neoprene. Because of the poor adhesion of ethylene-propylene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber, if the plasticity of the cover rubber is large, it is rare. scar.

The above are the factors that cause appearance defects such as scare in the production process of heat-resistant conveyor belts. I hope that you will have a certain understanding of this through the introduction of this article. For more information on heat-resistant conveyor belts, please log on to our website https://www.sungda.com or email us by overseas.sungda@gmail.com.

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