What are the reasons for the tearing of the EP rubber conveyor belt during working?

EP rubber conveyor belts will encounter some problems in use more or less. Most of these faults will affect their service life. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the use of the status of heat-resistant conveyor belts during use. The ep conveyor belt manufacturer below will take a detailed look at the causes of tearing during the use of the ep rubber conveyor belt.

The rubber conveyor belt is a kind of consumables. It is a part of the belt conveyor line. It runs through the whole length of the conveyor. It is not only large in quantity but also high in price. The conveying belt consists of upper and lowers covering rubber and core. There are many reasons for the longitudinal tearing of the ep rubber conveyor belt. For example, the vibration impact causes the fastener to loosen and fall off, and the falling coal liner and the guide plate are dropped. The foreign matter is mixed into the material. The foreign matter is firm, angular, and the coal pipe is blocked. Squeezed to death, the roller was incomplete, the roller frame formed a scratch, and the ep conveyor belt was severely eccentric and was hung by the frame.

The above ep rubber conveyor belt tears in use, I hope this article will help you.

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