What are the factors that cause rubber conveyor belt wear?

It is normal for the ep rubber conveyor belt to have slight wear during long-term use, but it is very abnormal after it has been used for a long time. There are many reasons for the wear of ep rubber conveyor belts. The quality, the method of use and the items conveyed can affect the working life of the ep conveyor belt. The following are some of the main causes of belt wear.

  1. Due to the poor quality of the ep conveyor belt itself, in the process of manufacturing the rubber conveyor belt, due to insufficient rubber adhesion, there will be some deficiencies in the process. If the control of a certain production process is not strict, during the operation of the ep conveyor belt, The friction between the conveying materials and the rollers is generated, and the reaction force generated by the friction causes the coating rubber to be continuously peeled off, and in the severe case, the rubber coating is torn.
  2. If the temperature of the carried material being conveyed is too high, the wear of the conveyor belt will be accelerated, and sparks will be generated during the electric welding and gas cutting operations, and the covering rubber of the conveyor belt will also be damaged.
  3. The conveyor belt is subject to great shock. The blanking point design is too high and there is no reasonable design for the delivery direction of the carried material.
  4. Friction between the cleaner and the ep conveyor belt: The wear caused by the cleaner on the conveyor belt is usually uniform, but when the hard steel plate is used as the cleaning plate, if it is used improperly, the rubber surface except the dirt will be cut off. When foreign matter enters between the top of the sweeper and the belt, there is a deep scar on the entire length of the belt.

The reason for the wear of the ep rubber conveyor belt is introduced here. It can be seen that the quality and the method of use have a great influence on the service life of the conveyor belt. Therefore, when purchasing the conveyor belt, it is necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer. Proper use according to the instructions for use, so that the ep conveyor belt has a longer life and smooth production.

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