The reasons of bubbles or swells in conveyor belt joint area and how to avoid it

1. One of the reasons for bubbles around the EP conveyor belt joint area is caused by humid during stock or connection work.
   If the conveyor belt working environment was humid or rainy, the conveyor belt will absorb much moisture, and lack of enough drying processing, the bubbles or swells will be easy happened.
2. The second reason is uneven during glue EP conveyor belt connection working, some glue area thick and some are thin, that causes thin area dry first and thick area dry later before connection, so use a blower to blow the glue complete dry or waiting a long time to dry.
3. The third reason is the vulcanization machine was moved off as EP conveyor belt is still in the high-temperature level that will lead to bubbles or swells happened, so it has to be waiting for the belt back to the normal level, then take the vulcanization machine off.
4. The fourth reason is that the surface of the skim rubber of the EP conveyor belt did not clear clean enough before glue work, stick dust or fragments, all that will make bubbles.
As we see in the picture, the reasons to caused bubbles or swells may come from item1, 2, and 3, the 4 would lead to a small area bubble, not a big area shown on the picture.
In one word, if taking the time and be careful during connection work, the bubble and swell can be avoided completely.