How to quickly repair the damaged rubber conveyor belt?

Rubber conveyor belts are the most common material conveying equipment in industrial production and are widely used in various processes of material conveying. During the use of conveyor belts, the most common problems are: foreign body scratches, local foreign body damage, abrasion, perforation, etc.

Reasons for damage to rubber conveyor belt are:

1. Vibration and impact during the fall of the ore cause the fasteners to loosen and fall off, causing the fall of the coal pipe liner, guide plate, etc.

2. Foreign matter is mixed into the material, the foreign matter is hard, angular, and the coal falling pipe is blocked and squeezed.

3. The roller is defective, and the roller frame is scratched.

4. The conveyor belt was scratched by the frame after it ran off seriously.

5. The sweeper is caught in the drum (return sweeper), and the bolts are loose, causing damage to the conveyor belt.

JL-808 rubber conveyor belt glue is widely used in metallurgy, mining, thermal power generation, coking, cement, fertilizer, steel mills, docks, coal mines and other industries for high-temperature operation of conveyor belts and rapid cold bonding and repair of conveyor belt heads in general environments.


1. After polishing the parts to be bonded, remove oil and dust, and clean them with industrial cleaning agents.

2. Weigh A and B components at a weight ratio of 10:1 and mix them evenly.

3. Spread the glue evenly on the parts that need to be bonded, and bake and dry with an iodine tungsten lamp (reference method is that the height of 1KW iodine tungsten lamp is 30cm and the baking time is 15 minutes).

4. After the glue is dry, apply the adhesive glue of JL-808 high temperature resistant rubber conveyor belt twice evenly, and bake it with an iodine tungsten lamp (reference method is that the height of 1KW iodine tungsten lamp is 30cm, and the baking time 10 minutes).

5. After the glue is baked and dried for the second time, the two sides can be glued, and the two sides can be glued with a hammer. The high degree of front can be reached after 24 hours.

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