How many factors should consider when selecting belt speed of belt conveyor?

(1) Conveyor width: The smaller the EP conveyor belt width, the more unstable the high-speed operation, and even the possibility of serious material spreading, check the belt width at the time of purchase.

(2) For fixed belt conveyors, the installation quality is generally higher, and higher belt speeds may be used, while the speeds for semi-fixed and mobile conveyors should be lower.

(3) When the conveyor line is horizontal or near horizontal, the speed can be higher. When the conveyor is inclined, the larger the inclination angle, the more easily the material rolls or tilts the belt conveyor. Relatively speaking, the material is easier to roll or slide on the conveyor belt.

(4) The greater the tonne-kilometer value of the belt conveyor is conveying capacity, the greater the strength of the required conveyor belt.

(5) Loading shocks and impact of materials can cause wear on the EP conveyor belt, so the speed of the short-distance conveyor needs to be slowed down. However, in order to reduce the tension of the conveyor belt, long-distance conveyors often use high-speed operation.