Do you know why the conveyor belt always slips

1.The initial tension is too small. Insufficient tension at the conveyor belt leaving the roller causes the conveyor belt to slip. This situation occurs individually at startup, the solution is to adjust the tensioning device to increase the initial tension.

2.The friction between the drive pulley and the conveyor belt is not enough to cause slippage. The cause is mostly water on the conveyor belt or humid environment. The solution is to add some rosin powder on the drum pulley. But be careful not to throw in with your hands, but use a blower to blow in, so as not to cause personal changes.

3.The tail pulley bearing is damaged and does not rotate or the roller bearing is damaged too much. The cause of the damage was too much dust in the tail of the aircraft, which increased the resistance and caused skidding. Parts that have been damaged or inflexible in rotation should be debugged or replaced.

4.Too fast starting speed can also cause slip. You can start slowly at this time. If the squirrel cage motor is used, it can be started after two jogs, which can also effectively overcome the slipping phenomenon.

5.The conveyor belt is overloaded, and it will slip if the load exceeds the rated load. The advantage of slip at this time is the maintenance of the motor. Otherwise, the motor will be burned out after a long time. But for operation, it is a slip accident. To overcome the slippage of the conveyor belt, we must first find the cause of the slippage before taking effective solutions

6.The reasons for the insufficient friction coefficient of the drum pulley surface are: too much rubber wear on the drum surface, too wet or sticky lubricating oil on the conveyor belt body, and material on the conveyor belt body (easy to be swollen by water); solution: add the snub pulley to increase the contact surface between the conveyor belt and the driving pulley; improve the shape and method of rubber coating of the driving roller, etc.

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