What is the difference between a diamond rubber sheet and a flat rubber sheet for pulley rubber lagging ?

On-site pulley rubber lagging is a technique in which the pulley is polished and cleaned without disassembling the pulley, and the rubber sheet is directly attached to the surface of the pulley using an adhesive. The pulley cold encapsulation operation is simple, the on-site construction is convenient, the pulley operation cycle can be extended, and the company also saves extra time and cost.

The most commonly used rubber sheets for pulley lagging are RIT flat rubber sheets and RIT diamond rubber sheets. These two rubber sheets have in common a high-quality wear-resistant rubber sheet synthesized by IR/BR/SBR, which has a dense structure and texture. It is soft and has good resilience. It is not easy to age under normal working conditions and has a long service life. It can protect the pulley from abrasion and corrosion. The flat rubber sheet and the back of the diamond rubber sheet have a semi-vulcanized layer. The semi-vulcanized layer can be vulcanized by the cold vulcanization adhesive SK313, which ensures good tear resistance between the roller and the rubber sheet and high. Adhesion, no phenomenon of opening and degumming.

There are many uses for rubber sheets. The specific use of flat rubber sheets or diamond-shaped rubber sheets should be considered according to the conditions of use and the environment to meet the needs of the pulley under different working conditions.

The RIT flat rubber sheet is suitable for vibrating feeders, chutes, storage bins, material transfer points, and cushions for impact baffles and funnels and passive wheel wraps for medium and high tension conveyor belts. The surface of the flat rubber sheet is relatively flat, with strong elasticity, good flexibility, wear-resistance and noise reduction, etc. It is good for long-lasting wear or sudden impact wear and can be used under various climatic conditions.

RIT diamond rubber sheet is suitable for driving belt coating of fabric belt and high-strength steel cable belt. It is carved on the basis of the wear-resistant rubber sheet with a diamond pattern, which has higher friction than flat rubber sheet, which can drive the pulley with The friction between the belts is increased, and the power output efficiency is higher and more stable. The diamond rubber plate belongs to the pre-grooved rubber plate, and the diamond-shaped groove can eliminate various kinds of debris, can protect the pulley from sticking to the material, and effectively avoid the phenomenon that the belt slips.

In the selection of the rubber sheet for pulley rubber lagging, the application environment must be fully considered, the appropriate materials should be selected, and the quality of the rubber sheet and the construction process should be strictly controlled to achieve good use of the pulley after the rubber lagging. For more information, please log on our website https://www.sungda.com or email us by overseas.sungda@gmail.com