What is role of spiral roller in the conveyor belt?

1. The unique product structure of the spiral roller makes the conveyor belt have the characteristics of the non-stick roller, strong self-cleaning force and non-adhesive belt in the environment of conveying sticky materials.
2. The spiral roller has the characteristics of novel structure, convenient installation, stable transportation, non-stick roller, low noise, low energy consumption and prolonged service life of the belt.
3. The spiral roller product fundamentally solves serious problems such as corrosion, sticking roller, tape deviation, and tear which are common in belt conveyors.
4. The spiral roller has a strong ability to automatically correct the belt deflection of the conveyor belt, while maximally protecting and avoiding the twist of the rubber conveyor belt to avoid the possibility of tearing.
5. The spiral idler also maximizes the life of the conveyor belt, saves energy consumption, greatly reduces production costs and improves economic efficiency.