What are the reasons caused the break up of conveyor belt?

1, The quality is not good

In the manufacturing process, the conveyor belt is insufficient due to the adhesive force of the rubber material, the process is defective, or the manufacturing process is not tight, which may lead to the occurrence of a broken belt accident in subsequent production.

2, The conveyor belt is impacted

The design of the transportation system is too large, the material is unreasonably oriented, and the system has more bulk materials. The belt can be subjected to a large impact, and more pits are formed on the belt surface, causing the broken belt for a long time.

3, The use of environmental corrosion

When the conveyor belt is in the humid or high-temperature environment for a long time, it is easy to cause the main core layer of the belt and the traction wire rope to corrode, which may cause the risk of broken.

4, Conveyor belt’s deviation

The belt conveyor is not well debugged and maintained, and the belt has greatly deviated, encountering rollovers and hanging cards, and then a belt breakage occurs.

5, Material stuck

A small piece of hard material is stuck between the belt surface and the guide trough or the cleaner and gradually penetrates the belt to cause the broken belt.

6, The quality of the conveyor belt joint is not good

In the process of using the vulcanized joint, the dust will be covered with steel wire and rubber compound, which will cause the latter to rust or open the glue. When the normal load is running, it will cause a belt breakage accident.