The way of calculating conveyor belt price

Conveyor belt structure
Dear Ebrahimi:
Thanks for your reply, no problem, I will make the format clear by a case.
For example, if the EP conveyor belt has follow data:
Top cover = 5 mm
Bottom cover = 2 mm
Width = 500mm
According to the format :  M2=[ply+ {top cover (mm) + bottom cover (mm)/1.5}xlength(m) x width(m)
The square meter for this conveyor belt should be: [3+{5+2}/1.5]x1000x0.5=3830m2
This format is the national standard for calculating the EP
conveyor belt which has different plys.
If you still can not understand, please tell me, I will try to find another way to explain this for you.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Regards
Steven Cao

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Dear Cao, Thanks for your kind reply.
Your calculation way for the EP conveyor belt made us confused. it is unclear.
Please explain more, or give the prices as always.Best Regards
Dear Cao, Thanks for your kind reply.
That inquiry file is the most common EP conveyor belt which here
our customer need, therefore I can’t accept for less
Tensile strength. About the delivery time, don’t worry.
If your quality and your prices are nice, we can wait
as long as production be completed.
Now, I beg you to quote your prices just as the list.
because we should supply whatever our customers need, and
they would test the belts in their labs.Best Regards,
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