The structure of steel cord conveyor belt

The main four parts of the steel cord conveyor belt

1. Reinforcement material (steel cord core)

The steel cord core provides higher strength and lower elongation of use for the conveyor belt, so the steel cord conveyor belt is suitable for long-distance, high strength, and high power transmission.

2. Steel cord core glue (adhesive)

The core rubber compound has good bonding strength between the steel wire ropes, can transmit stress well, and prevents the steel wire core from being pulled out during use.

3. Covering glue

The cover rubber of the steel cord conveyor belt has the same function as the cover rubber of the fabric core conveyor belt and is also a guarantee for the normal operation of the conveyor belt.

4. Edge glue

The edge glue can protect the outer wire of the reinforcing wire rope from eroding, absorb the pressing force from the side of the conveyor belt, and prevent the wire rope from being pulled out and leaking.