The daily installation, use and maintenance of conveyor roller

Improve manufacturing techniques to improve quality, service life and optimize design selection, but the maintenance of the process is equally important to reduce roller damage and increase roller life. The following measures should be taken during the maintenance of the installation process:
1 Maintain environmentally reasonable temperature and humidity, improve ventilation in the belt conveyor corridor, reduce dust pollution, etc.;
2 Install the flexible running roller to keep the environment around the roller unblocked, avoid the friction and contact between the individual rollers and other objects or be buried by coal ore, etc.;
3 When the roller is installed, the parallel direction should be determined to avoid the poor contact between the roller and the conveyor belt, and the direction of rotation of the conveyor belt and the roller is not the same;
4 keep the upper surface of the roller always in the same plane or inclined surface, the height difference between the adjacent three sets of rollers of the fixed conveyor should not exceed 2mm, and the hanging and telescopic conveyor should not exceed 3mm;
5 Check the condition of the idler in the belt conveyor operation in time. If the roller running is damaged or the operation is not working, pay attention to maintaining the good working condition of the conveyor;
6 If there is a deviation phenomenon during the running of the conveyor, it needs to be corrected in time to maintain the good running state of the conveyor;
7 Strict assessment mechanism, strengthen on-site management, and carefully implement maintenance specifications for transportation equipment in accordance with inspection requirements.