Rubber cover standard of Ep conveyor belt from Continental-II

FR-2G: Designed especially for above-ground prep plants. Power plants and non-coal underground mining applications and meets ASTM D378-13.2(old MSHA CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard. This kind of rubber cover is used on the EP conveyor belt normally.

FRAR-2G: Designed for non-coal underground mining and surface applications that meet ASTM D378-13.2(old MSHA CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard and offers approximately 70% more abrasion resistance than FR-2G.

FRORS-2G: Moderate resistance to oil and static conductive, this compound is designed for oily coal or coke material. FRORS-2G meets ASTM D378-13.2(old MSHA CFR 30 part 18) flame test standard. FRORS-2G rubber cover normally used on the EP conveyor belt.

FRAS-SA & FRAS-C: Fire retardant anti-static belting is certified by the Canadian Department of Energy. Mines and Resources, Ottawa to CAN/CSA M422M87. Type C, for below surface use as well as other mining operations. FRAS-SA offers approximately 40% better abrasion resistance than FRAS-C compound.

GRADE II: An ARPM Grade II rubber compound designed to provide good abrasion and gouge resistance and very good flex life. GRADE II normally used with the EP fabric conveyor belt.

GLOBAL X®: Meets ARPM Grade I and DIN X standards. It offers superior cut and gouges resistance and very good abrasion resistance.

HT Nitrile: An oil-resistant compound formulated for applications demanding higher resistance to heat, oil, and abrasion. It is resistant to temperatures up to 300°F (149°C), abrasion flexing, oxidation and the effect of corrosive atmospheres. This rubber cover is used with an EP conveyor belt.