Rubber cover standard of Ep conveyor belt from Continental-I

1. 6740A: Compounded for excellent heat and abrasion resistance in temperature ranges of 350°F (177°C) for lumpy material and up to 250°F (121°C) for hot baking loads.

This type of rubber cover is suitable for Steel plant, Cement plant and Sinter industry which need to carrying hot material often, this rubber cover always used on Ep conveyor belt and heat resistant conveyor belt.

2. Alumina-HOT: Specifically designed compound intended for usage at alumina facilities where alumina material temperatures range up to 400°F.

This rubber cover is designed to Aluminium industry, in this industry, the belt is normally used Ep fabric conveyor belt.

3. Defender® Plus: An ARPM Grade I rubber compound designed to provide excellent abrasion resistance, very good gouge resistance, and excellent flexing life.

This kind of rubber cover has super abrasion resistant capability, it is suitable for long-distance transportation and carrying hard, incisive material such as stone, mining, and iron.

4. EasyRider®: A low rolling resistance family of compounds for the pulley cover side only which is designed to reduce the energy cost by minimizing indention energy loss to idlers. Proven with over 600 miles of the belt in operation, the LRR EasyriderTM compound can provide up to 20% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard compounds and the SLRR EasyriderTM compound can provide up to 32% reduction in energy consumption.