How to reduce the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller

The conveyor belt will rub against the idler during use. Generally, the friction between these two devices is inevitable. However, in actual use, the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller will become larger, so that the service life of both will be reduced. Therefore, the friction between the conveyor belt and the roller should be minimized during use. Let’s take everyone to understand the causes and preventive measures of abnormal wear between the conveyor belt and the roller.

1.The causes of wear between the roller and the conveyor belt mainly include installation errors, structural deformation of the roller frame, and roller corrosion. Organized as follows:

a. The roller frame is not installed correctly; the conveyor belt generates a certain friction force under the support of the roller to ensure its normal operation. Due to improper installation, the axis of the roller is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt slides relative to the roller, which intensifies the wear of the conveyor belt.

b. The self-aligning roller will be worn out due to deviation correction; the self-aligning roller will have a certain inclination angle when correcting deviation. Due to the processing quality and corrosion, the rotating frame is not flexible and cannot be rotated and reset in time, which will wear the conveyor belt.

c.The idler rotation is lagging; due to the quality problems of the idler itself (such as poor sealing, inflexible bearing rotation, etc.), the idler rotation lags behind the running speed of the conveyor belt, causing relative sliding between the idler and the conveyor belt And wear the conveyor belt.

2.Conveyor roller and conveyor belt maintenance measures to prevent wear

a.First, ensure that the entire conveyor belt is on a centerline; secondly, the inclined rollers on both sides and the middle horizontal roller have the same inclination angle, and all the intermediate rollers are on the same level, so that all the rollers and the conveyor belt are in good condition. Contact to ensure uniform force on each roller.

b.Use the self-aligning roller as little as possible.

c.Strengthen the daily maintenance of the rollers, and replace the damaged rollers in time.

Conveyor belt wear is one of the more common faults, but if you do not pay attention to it, it will often cause more serious accidents. Therefore, corresponding measures are taken to reduce the wear of the conveyor belt, extend the service life, and affect the normal operation of the belt conveyor. Reducing maintenance costs has practical significance.

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