How to prolong the working life of heat resistant conveyor belt

Heat resistant conveyor belt consists of multi-ply fabric such as EP layer and Nylon layer with heat resistant rubber conveyor on top cover, bottom cover and skim rubber between layer after vulcanization processing, the heat resistant rubber cover produce porous carbonized stratum as conveyor belt carrying high-temperature material, this carbonized stratum has burning resistant function, and prevent high temperature from transferring further into belt center body, so that can protect the internal strength of the heat resistant conveyor belt. Furthermore, the carbonized stratum generates irregular tiny crack during the conveyor belt’s running, which can have a cooling effect for the conveyor belt itself. heat resistant conveyor belt is suitable for carrying bulk material under 175 ℃ in the aggregate, mining, recycling, coal-fired power plant, and cement plant.

The working life of a heat resistant conveyor belt is shorter than the normal conveyor belt because of its special usage, the carried heat material will harm the surface of the conveyor belt after long-time running, so how to prolong the working life of heat resistant conveyor belt in some way?

1. The cooling system must be set up with conveyor line when the conveyor belt run back from the head, the cooling system has to make the conveyor belt’s temperature cooling down as soon as possible, normally use a powerful fan, or with cold water spray on the surface of belt especially in steel plant.

2. The carried heat material has to be moved out immediately if the conveyor belt stops running suddenly.

3. The surface temperature of the conveyor belt needs to be supervised and tested regularly in case the temperature increasing unnecessarily.

4. Marking sure the carried heat material distributed evenly, not heap up massively.

5. Avoiding any oil material spray on the surface of a heat resistant conveyor belt, that will damage the conveyor belt very seriously.

6. The connection way of the conveyor belt should use heat resistant glue.

Heat resistant conveyor belt for cement industry

Heat resistant conveyor belt for cement industry