How to adjust the tension of the conveyor belt

Due to the long-term use of the belt conveyor in the production process, the conveyor belt will be elongated and will cause some equipment failures. Therefore, check and adjust it before use to ensure the safe operation of the conveyor equipment.

The tension of the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor is generated by the tensioning device tightening the conveyor belt. When conveyed obliquely upward, the gravity of the belt’s own weight also generates initial tension. In order to operate reliably, it is necessary to check the equipment before operation to ensure that the tension of the conveyor belt is within a certain range. Pay attention to the following points when adjusting:

(1) Generally, the conveyor belt will be adjusted to an appropriate strength for the first time. The conveyor belt sag between two adjacent rollers should not be too large, so that after the material falls into the conveyor belt, after the support of the rollers, the material does not Will roll off the belt conveyor.

(2) When adjusting the conveyor belt, the operation of the equipment after the belt is stretched must be considered. Avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt. The deviation detection device can be taken into consideration, and the situation of deviation will be warned in time.

(3) When the belt conveyor is in operation, the tensile force to be taken when transporting the material is taken into consideration, and the appropriate tape is selected.

(4) Adjust the position of the roller of the conveyor belt. Adjust the tension bolts on the belt conveyor base to loosen the roller position, which will play the role of tensioning the conveyor belt


When conveying materials with large bends, belt conveyors often have the problem of belt breakage, which affects the conveying speed of the entire belt conveyor and cannot achieve the conveying efficiency of the production line of the production enterprise. To this end, the root cause must be found to standardize the text and solve the fundamental problem. There are several reasons for the broken belt of the turning belt conveyor:

The gear reducer of the belt conveyor is damaged when turning, and the fluid of the hydraulic coupling is reversed or the motor is reversed.

(a.)The quality problem of the belt conveyor belt joint when turning. The joints of the conveyor belt are divided into mechanical joints and vulcanized joints. The quality of the mechanical joints is far inferior to the vulcanization pressure. The temperature and pressure are unevenly distributed on the vulcanization plate. The temperature and pressure retention time is set unreasonably. Unreasonable materials are used. The vulcanization process has an impact.

(b.)During the conveying of the curved belt conveyor, the load of the conveyor is suddenly increased due to the entrapment of other things. For example, large gangue or other objects of particularly high quality are actually mixed in the coal for transportation.

(c.)The turning belt conveyor’s start-up performance and stress change during stop are large. The start and stop of the turning belt conveyor will also cause the conveyor belt to break, and it is generally best to start the conveyor under no load.

(d.)The quality of the conveyor belt of the turning belt conveyor is not enough, the service life of the conveyor belt is too long, the conveyor belt is overloaded for a long time, and the daily maintenance is not in place.

(e.)The material distribution of the turning belt conveyor is uneven, and the conveyor belt deviates. The turning belt conveyor has an empty section and an overload section, which makes the conveyor belt unevenly loaded.

In order to prevent belt breakage accidents caused by these reasons, in addition to manual inspection and maintenance, it is particularly important to arrange belt breakage protection devices along the turning belt conveyor. Because it can avoid unexpected accidents and stay on standby at any time. In the normal operation of the conveyor, it does not affect the conveyance of materials. When a broken belt accident occurs, the arranged broken belt protection device will act immediately to quickly grasp the broken and falling conveyor belt to reduce accident losses.

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