How many type of belt conveyors?

  • According to the capacity of the load: light belt conveyor;  universal belt conveyor;  steel cord belt conveyor.
  • According to the movable classification: fixed belt conveyor; mobile belt conveyor;  displacement belt conveyor;  retractable belt conveyor.
  • According to the structure of the conveyor belt: ordinary conveyor belt conveyor (flat belt core is canvas or nylon canvas or steel cord core) steel rope traction belt conveyor;  belt steel belt conveyor; tubular belt conveyor; sidewall belt conveyor belt; chevron belt conveyor.
  • Classification by carrying method: roller belt conveyor; Air cushion belt conveyor; Deep groove belt conveyor.
  • According to the conveyor line layout classification: linear belt conveyor;  plane curved belt conveyor;  space curved belt conveyor.
  • According to the driving method: single drum drive belt conveyor;  multi-pulley belt conveyor;  line friction belt conveyor.