How many mainly reasons cause conveyor roller wear?

1 Roller barrel grinding damage Cause: There is a declination between the running direction of the conveyor belt and the rotating direction of the idler roller. The resulting deflection frictional resistance easily causes the roller to wear; the roller has a large rotational resistance, and the conveyor belt and the roller The frictional resistance between the two is also large, and the friction phenomenon is extremely likely to occur; the environment in which the idle roller is operated is poor, and it is easy to cause the roller to directly contact with other articles or coal and generate friction.

2 Bearing damage reasons: the sealing of the roller bearing is not strict, the grease for sealing will affect the lubrication degree of the bearing, and then the roller will be damaged; the type of the belt conveyor roller is unreasonable, shortening the service life of the bearing, the roller The design of the whole machine is unreasonable, which causes the roller to resonate and accelerates the wear of the bearing;

3 When assembling the idler, if the grease is too little or the quality of the grease is too bad, the lubrication of the roller will be invalid to damage the roller during the use of the conveyor.

4 Roller bending deformation damage Cause: The overall design of the belt conveyor is unreasonable, resulting in excessive stress on the roller, causing the roller load to be too large and deformation and damage; the selected type of belt conveyor roller is unreasonable, unable to Meet the required stiffness and strength of the belt conveyor.

5 Other reasons: mainly refers to the poor quality of the roller, the unreasonable bearing positioning, the weak welding of the roller, the virtual welding and the thin skin of the roller.