The structure of EP fabric conveyor belts?

There are four parts of the EP fabric conveyor belt

A. Reinforced material (with ep fabric carcass)
Reinforced material is the key to EP conveyor belt load. It determines the tensile strength and tensile modulus of the EP conveyor belt, so that the EP conveyor belt maintains good groove formation, and can absorb the impact of the material on the conveyor belt while keeping the EP conveyor belt relatively small elongation.

B. Core layer compound (skim rubber)
The skim rubber has a good bond strength between the layers of the reinforcing material fabric to prevent the delamination of the core during use.

C. Covering Rubber
Covering rubber is the guarantee for the normal operation of the EP conveyor belt. It has the protection of reinforcing materials, transmitting power, conveying materials, absorbing materials and resisting abrasion. Special-purpose conveyor belt covering rubber has heat insulation, flame retardant, chemical agents such as acid, alkali, and oil, and corrosion of reinforcing materials by materials. In addition, the conveyor belt covering rubber also has an increased friction coefficient, which can achieve a larger angle and the role of large speed transport.

D. edge rubber
The function of the edge rubber is to protect the reinforcing material from the medium, absorb the pressing force from the side of the EP conveyor belt, and prevent the layer from delaminating.