China leads the global conveyor belt market, flame retardant conveyor belt has become the mainstream of the market

At present, the development of global conveyor belts has shifted from high-speed growth to low-speed growth, from the main increase in quantity to the improvement of quality and the extension of service life. At the same time, as a major product of the rubber industry and a key product of industrial rubber products, it continues to establish its strong position in the industry and exerts the advantages of long-distance and large-capacity continuous transportation in the transportation industry.

China has occupied one-third of the global production of conveyor belts

New industrial countries such as China and Brazil are in the process of urbanization and industrialization. The rapid development of the heavy chemical industry has provided a high-speed expansion market for the conveyor belt industry, attracting many enterprises to enter the conveyor belt industry. The main characteristics of the conveyor belt market in emerging industrial countries are the rapid growth of the market, a large number of production enterprises and the low concentration of industries.

Suppliers in emerging industrial countries include both production plants owned by multinational companies in the country, as well as local independent suppliers in the country. Generally, the products of local independent suppliers in the country account for the main part of the country’s market.

India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other South Asian and Southeast Asian countries have a large number of conveyor belt manufacturers. Due to the proximity of the world’s major natural rubber production areas, and the low prices of labor, land and other factors, the production costs of the enterprise conveyor belts in these countries are low, but the conveyor belt industry in South Asia and Southeast Asian countries is subject to many factors such as technology, management, and supporting industries. At present, it can only produce low-end and mid-range products, which are basically sold locally and are not oriented to the international market.

At present, the global conveyor belt market scale is 600-700 million square meters per year. China’s conveyor belt industry plays an important role in the world conveyor belt industry. It is currently the world’s largest producer and consumer, accounting for about one-third of global production. At the same time, China is also undertaking the transfer of the conveyor belt industry in developed countries. Major countries.

Flame retardant conveyor belt becomes the new favorite in the market

Safety production is one of the necessary conditions for the survival and development of mining enterprises. The flame-retardant conveyor belt has flame-retardant belt wear-resistant, anti-static, waterproof, flame-retardant, high strength, excellent safety performance, and lower cost compared with other flame-retardant conveyor belts. The characteristics of lower prices and lower prices are one of the more common and popular flame-retardant conveyor belts at home and abroad, especially suitable for coal mines and other transportation sites with small downhole slopes.

The flame retardant conveyor belt series produced by SUNGDA has been sold worldwide for 14 years and has obtained the “Mineral Product Safety Sign Certificate” and “ISO9001 Certificate”, which is the preferred brand of underground coal mining enterprises.

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