A Brief Analysis on Treatment Measures of EP Conveyor Belt Abrasion-1

1. Brief Introduction of EP Conveyor Belt in Belt Conveyor system:

Belt conveyor system is continuous transport equipment widely used in the coal mine, mainly transports ore, coal and powder-like materials and items, with the features of high productivity, low noise, simple structure and so on.

EP Conveyor belt is the standard elastomer equipment, is the most important part of the conveyor, which is a typical constant torque load; it is one of the most expensive parts, its price occupies 1/4 to 1 / 2 of the total price of the EP conveyor. In the belt conveyor system, the EP conveyor belt is both the traction part, but also the bearing part; it plays the role of transmission of power and movement, but also supporting the material load. The EP conveyor belt consists of the core and the rubber cover, and the core can withstand the tension, while the rubber covering layer protects the core from damage and corrosion. In general, the core materials are woven (multi-layer canvas adhesive overall weaving) and wire rope -cotton, polyester (EP) and nylon.

When the EP conveyor belt is working properly, it requires a more balanced tension and a stable transmission torque. In the different stages, the control value of the tension is also different, at the same time, abrasion, offset, belt-broken and other parameters of the EP  conveyor belt shall be monitored and protected; to prevent the emergence of stacking material, it is necessary to control start-stop order of conveyor constantly for well-timed shutting.

abrasion resistant conveyor belt

abrasion resistant conveyor belt