Why choose EP conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt and abrasion conveyor belt from SUNGDA




1. Are you a conveyor belt manufacturer?

Yes, Sungda Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd is one of the top 10 conveyor belt manufacturers around China


2. Where is your factory located?

Baoding City, Hebei Province, China. 280kms from Beijing Capital Airport, 98kms from Shijiazhuang airport, Welcome to visit our factory anytime.


3. How long has your factory run and established when?

We have 22 years of experience in the rubber conveyor belt field since 1991…


4. How many staff in your factory?

Sungda has over 360 employees including 3 engineers, 10 technicians.


5. What is the advantage of your series conveyor belt?

Sungda has a strict supervision system for raw rubber material, EP and Nylon fabric and chemical component, which will make sure the quality of EP conveyor belt, abrasion conveyor belt and heat resistant conveyor belt in very first processing.

Sungda has the best engineers and technicians in China who have rich experience in each step of conveyor belt producing,

Sungda also has good relationship with Continental China and got strong technical support, so we enjoy the most advantage conveyor belt producing technology in the world.

We have the most precise and complete testing equipment to make sure the quality from raw material, semi-finished belt to finished production,

Sungda also has an efficient management system and the mature logistics department to shorten your delivery time to large extent.

Sungda’s main advantage conveyor belts are abrasion conveyor belt, heat resistant conveyor belt, EP conveyor belt, and steel cord conveyor belt, etc.


6. How do you ensure the quality of the conveyor belt?

We have a QC department following strict domestic and international standard:

1). For raw material supervision, including rubber raw material, chemical components, recipe mixing processing.

2). During the half of production which is the most important process for QC following the strictest supervision standards.

3). Final QC before shipment, any conveyor belt failed to test will be hold back for shipping.


7. What is your main overseas market?

Our main conveyor belt markets are Middle East, Asia, North and South America.


8. Who are your main regular clients?

Sungda’s main regular conveyor belt clients are BHP Billiton, TATA group, Indonesia Steel and ASX Australian


9. Do you have any international quality certification?

We have SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance S.A.)and ISO9001 certification