How about the joints vulcanization temperature?

The normal vulcanization crosslinking temperature of the rubber is determined by the vulcanizing agent and the accelerator in the rubber. In order to ensure the safety of the rubber processing, the general manufacturer does not set the vulcanization starting temperature of the rubber used for the conveyor belt below. Therefore, in the case where the temperature reaches 120 ° C, the rubber does not enter the normal vulcanization state, and therefore, the quality of the belt joint is greatly affected.

Generally, when the vulcanization temperature is higher than the accelerator and vulcanization agent vulcanization critical temperature and the normal vulcanization temperature is not reached, the vulcanization time can be extended to achieve the vulcanization of the rubber. Generally, the temperature is reduced by 2-4 times for each temperature below 10 °C.

Of course, for performance reasons, we do not recommend a low-temperature cure for a long time.